Painted rocks - a little way of showing kindness and spreading happiness to others.

Mrs Moriarty's Year 1 class had a fun and successful morning of rock painting and decorating. The students were happy to give away some of their painted rocks to be hidden at Fiona Stanley Hospital gardens so that the children who need to stay at the hospital can have a chance to find them. 

How can a rock like that make anyone happy?

Well, it takes a little effort. First, someone has to paint and decorate the rocks. Sometimes just bright colours, patterns, pictures or words like Smile, Be Brave or Love.

Then, someone has to "hide" it where someone else can find it. And by hide we mean put it somewhere where you'll see it, but don't expect it. A bench. A shelf. The planter outside.

When you are out and about … keep your eyes open for a flash of colour… a rock could be ANYWHERE… If you find one…you can KEEP it or re-hide it for someone else to find…


The idea is to spread a little joy and to promote random acts of kindness…BRING A SMILE TO SOMEONE...