2017 P&C QUIZ NIGHT – 18th NOVEMBER 2017

Tables are selling well for Winthrop Primary P&C Quiz Night. If you haven’t already – please get your table of 10 together, fill in the booking form attached to this newsletter and drop it into the Quiz Night Box at the school’s front office.

It’s sure to be a fun night and a great opportunity to show some support towards our wonderful school by raising some money for the kids!! This year the quiz night is a Hawaiian theme so please decorate your table and be in the chance for a prize.

Bring plenty of money for games, auctions, raffles and drinks – No BYO drinks as we will have our own Tiki Bar selling beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks. Though please feel free to bring along a plate of nibbles and/or pre-order your pizzas on the booking form – these will be delivered to your table on the night.


To make the Quiz Night a big success we would love to hear from any of our local community or business owners who could help with providing a donation for the night!! Any goods, products, services, vouchers would be wonderful. Please don’t underestimate the large or small contribution you may be able to make. Perhaps you might like to donate something to be raffled or silent auctioned. e.g. - gift certificate, movie tickets, restaurant or accommodation vouchers, pamper packs, wine or Bunnings vouchers.

If this is something that you could help with please contact Stacey Foster on 0403122459 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You and/or your business will receive exposure to the 200 people attending on the night, be included on our list of sponsors and also mentioned in our end of year school newsletter.


If you haven’t heard already each class room has been given a coloured basket and is taking kind donations for a number of lovely hampers to be made up and silent auctioned at the Quiz Night. We have some volunteers collecting these donations regularly – we would love it if you could provide a little something and pop it into the classroom basket when you get a chance – these hampers proved to be a great success at raising money at our last Quiz Night.

Each classroom has a different theme, they are:

Kindy K1 Green/Yellow – Baking Products [e.g. cake mixes/decorations, patty pans]

Kindy K2 Blue / Red – Chocolates, Lollies and Sweets

PP1 – Art & Craft [e.g. paints, stickers, tape, popsticks, coloured card etc]

PP2 – Gourmet Goods/Items [e.g. crackers, olives, antipasto, cheese knives/boards etc]

PP3 – Gourmet Goods/Items [e.g. crackers, olives, antipasto, cheese knives/boards etc]

A1 – Kitchen Products [e.g. plastic containers, plates, bowls, utensils etc]

A2 – Cooking Products/Items [e.g. pantry goods, utensils, rice, pasta, sauce etc].

B1 – Pet Dog Goodies [e.g. toys, treats etc]

B2 – Gift Vouchers/Cards [e.g. iTunes, Bunnings, Coles, Myer, Woolworths, of any value]

B3 – Pet Cat Goodies [e.g. toys, treats etc]

B4 – Stationery [e.g. pens, colouring pencils, textas, cardboard, paper etc]

C1 – Gift Vouchers/Cards [e.g. iTunes, Bunnings, Coles, Myer, Woolworths, of any value]

C2 – Toys & Games [e.g. board games, card games, lego etc]

C3 – Health Foods [e.g. dried fruit, nuts, gluten free products, cereals etc]

C4 – Toys and Games [e.g. board games, card games, lego etc]

D1 – Pampering, Cosmetics & Beauty Products [e.g. creams, lotions, make-up etc]

D2 – Laundry & Bathroom Products [handwash, towels, bodywash, soaps etc]

D3 - Art & Craft [e.g. sewing items, glue, sequins, pipe cleaners, coloured paper]

D4 – Pampering, Cosmetics & Beauty Products [e.g. oils, bath salts, eye masks etc]

E1 – Gardening Goods [e.g. gloves, tools, seeds, fertiliser, decorations etc]

E2 – BBQ Goods [e.g. cooking utensils, heat beads, condiments, apron, etc]

E3 – Christmas [e.g. decorations, wrapping paper, foods, servingware etc]

E4 – Sporting Goods [e.g. balls, bats, marking cones, sports bag, pump etc]

E6 – Beach & Holiday Products [e.g. sunscreen, zinc, towels, camping items etc]