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An invitation for all parents, grandparents and care-givers

Our P&C are behind many of the useful, convenient and, best of all, FUN elements of our children’s school. These include:the canteen; the uniform shop, school discos; quiz nights; movie nights; graduation and free dress days.Popular school play spaces including the undercover basketball area, resurfaced netball courts and nature playground to name just a few.  

       Can you imagine the school – and your child or children’s school lives – without these? 

Our previous and current P&C executive committee have made fantastic contributions to the school in many ways, but as their children get older and graduate it becomes time for them to step away.

We would love to invite you to join us and help to keep our P&C thriving!

Volunteers needed

We are always welcoming of new members to help in many other ways, such as the fundraising committee. You could be part of the team who organise a range of fun-filled events and initiatives through the year.

The P&C could be for you if:

·         You believe that outside of family life, schooling is the biggest and most important part of all of our children’s lives.

·         You work full-time, part-time or from home as a parent and/or paid employee – there’s a way for everyone to help in some capacity!

·         You are new to the school – or have been in the school community for years but haven’t yet been to a P&C meeting.

·         You have specialised skills to share in finance, business, events, design, creative services, parties, fundraising, maintenance, trades, gardening, food handling, project management or any other area.

·         You want to meet new families and extend your school network.

·         You’ve ever had ideas about events or fundraising.

·         You want to have fun AND make a real difference to your children’s school!

Meetings are held approximately once per term in the evening – and if you join a committee, these meetings can be scheduled to suit the volunteers on each committee.

Next meeting: 12th August 2019 - 7pm 

Join us in the staffroom at 7pm for a chat, a cup of tea and our next meeting to discuss plans for the year as part of our financial meeting.

Your involvement could mean the world to your children, your school and to you.

Can you help the P&C this year?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we’d love to hear from you!



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P & C - Background. 

The Winthrop Primary School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is a very active body of parents and community members who work together with the Principal and Staff of the school to provide the best school environment for our children. The Winthrop P&C organises the canteen, provides school uniforms and organises many fund-raising events. The P&C fundraising proceeds from events is used to purchases resources for the school.

The P & C have raised funds for refurbishment of the Library and for the purchase of iPads and reading books. The P & C have also organised parent workshops and busy bees around the school. Information on activities of the P & C is regularly published in the School Newsletter. We encourage all parents to be involved in the P & C community!