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Thank you to all parents who are placing safety first when driving their children to school. There are still many parents who choose to ignore some basic safety rules such as double parking, parking illegally and allowing their children to alight on the opposite side of the road and then cross through traffic to get to school. The school service road on Edmiston Way, Buttel Top and staff car park are not drop off areas. We strongly recommend that parents use the three Kiss & Drive zones around the school. These are located at the from of the school on Jackson Avenue and the back on Houghton Way. All three Kiss n Drive zones are large enough to handle peak pick-up and drop-off times. Please practise courtesy and patience at these times. For further information visit the school website or WPS Roadwise committee.

All parents who use Winthrop Primary School's student pick up and drop off areas are asked to drive carefully and be aware of the rules put in place to keep our school safe for our students.




  • Encourage children to walk or cycle
  • Share rides with friends
  • If your children are old enough, park at the bottom of Hill Park and get them to walk down to you
  • Don't stop in 15 second bays. If your child is not ready, go around the block to keep the traffic flowing

Thank you....Roadwise Committee