We want Winthrop students to:

  1. Use language to understand, devleop and communicate ideas and information and interact with others.
  2. Select, integrate and apply numerical and spatial concepts and techniques.
  3. Recognize when and what information is needed, locate and obtain it from a range of sources and evaluae, use and share it with others.
  4. Select, use and adapt technologies.
  5. Describe and reason about patterns, structures and relationships in order to understand, interpret, justify and make predicitions,
  6. Visualise consequences, think laterally , recognise opportunity and potential and be prepared to test options.
  7. Understand and appreciate the physical, biological and technological world and have the knowledge and skills to make decisions in relation to it.
  8. Understand their cultural, geographic and historical contexts and have the knowledge, skills and values necesary for active participation in life in Australia.
  9. Interact with people and cultures other than their own and be equipped to contribute to the global community.
  10. Participate in creative activity of their own and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.
  11. Value and implement pracices that promote personal growth and well being.
  12. Are self-motivated and confident in their approach to learning and be able to work individually and collaboratively.
  13. Recognize that everyone has the right to feel valued and be sae, and, in this regard, understand their rights and obligations and behave responsibly.