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Literacy And English As An Additional Language/dialect (EAL/D)

There are many exciting initiatives with the teaching and learning of English as an Additional Language at Winthrop Primary School. Penny James, Principal Consultant, has provided professional learning to staff and worked side by side with teachers suggesting strategies and activities to assist both students and teachers. Some teachers are trialing the use of the EAL/D progress maps to monitor the incremental improvements made by students. As we have 48% of students from backgrounds other than English, is is important that all teachers understand the impact of a child's cultural background on the learning of the linguistic features of English.

The Literacy/EAL support timetable includes support for the majority of year 1-4 classes. Support is provided in a variety of ways in negotiation with class teachers to ensure support meets student's needs. This may take the form of small group work by either the class teacher or support teacher or it may be both teachers working together. The value of an extra pair of hands from an experienced and professional teacher cannot be underestimated!

We are excited to be offering such a varied and interesting program of support to cater for varying student needs.


For further information and resources please visit the Department of Education EAL/D website on



EAL/D Progress Map for Year 3 - 6 students

EAL/D Progress Map for Year K-3 students

Winthrop Primary School EALD (English as an Additional Language/Dialect) caters for newly arrived students and students born in Australia with minimal English. The focus of the program is to assist students to develop language skills and socio-cultural understanding.