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Protective Behaviours

a personal safety program to promote resilience in children addressing

  • empowerment strategies,
  • clear communication,
  • awareness of “safe” behaviours,
  • self-worth,
  • resilience,
  • social skills and
  • other life skills.

By teaching and promoting these concepts, Protective Behaviours helps to prevent abuse, reduce violence and promote life-enriching rather than life-depleting experiences.

It encourages children to:

  • Assert their right to feel safe
  • Listen to what their body tells them
  • Follow up by taking action to either solve problems on their own or to seek assistance from other people. 

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Faction Athletic Carnival 2016

Congratulations to Tuart for winning their first Faction Shield EVER! Go Tuart!

There was a fantastic balance between competition, participation and wonderful sportsmanship demonstrated by all students. Thank you to all students for your active and fair contribution. Thanks to parents who supported and cheered throughout the day!

Faction Athletic Carnival Results 2016

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