60 WPSRepWinthrop Primary School Independent Public School Report

As an Independent Public School we engage in a thorough Review Process every three years. Earlier this year, the Reviewers considered our school context, achievements and performance against our Delivery and Performance Agreement and the School Business Plan.  

The Review Report has been prepared and is now available.

Click here to view Winthrop Primary School's 2017 Independent Public School Review Report.

Winthrop Primary School Incoming Sponsorship Documents

Sponsorship Expression of Interest

Incoming Sponsorship to Schools Policy - Department of Education

Document for Incoming Sponsorship to a Public School - editable


Winthrop Primary School Independent Public School Annual Reports

WPS Annual Report 2015

WPS Annual Report 2016

WPS Annual Report 2017

Policies & Guidelines

Winthrop Primary School has a comprehensive set of policies which are reviewed by staff and the School Board on a regular basis.
The details for this process are set out in the Policy Review Process and Timeline.

Anaphylaxis Awareness and Management Policy

20 scienceWinthrop Primary School Business Plan 2018 - 2020

The Winthrop Primary School Business Plan has been developed in collaboration with staff and the School Board. It sets out what our school aims to achieve over the next three years. The Plan includes the targets which have been set in the acadamic and non academic areas and details the strategies and monitoring systems which will be applied over the three year period. An independent review of the Business Plan will take place in 2020 and will include a public report on our achievements and progress.